Spit up and pee fountains…liquid from both ends.
Baby Brother is keeping us all busy. Diaper changes, cuddles, nursing, cuddles, burping, cuddles. I can’t seem to put him down! But I don’t want to either!
Babies are known for sleeping, eating and pooping and Baby Brother is living up to the stereotype with a few extras…spit up and pee.
I seem to engage in Spit Up Battles regularly. It is like a game…”If I set you here, are you going to spit up?”
And he usually does. I burp him, he belches like a man and as soon as I think we are in the clear…here it comes…spit up.
Spit up happens to be one of those baby things that I don’t like. Vomit in general grosses me out. Spit up is like a miniature torture device…enough vomit to smell¬†vomit-y but not enough to totally send me over the grossed out ledge. I just kinda deal with it while thinking it is so totally gross.
All vomit aside, Baby Brother is so much fun and I have gotten a taste of what it is like raising a boy compared to a girl.
It all starts with the diaper change…and he has good aim.
When Big Sister decided to grace us with an insta-pee when the diaper was removed, it just soaked everything under her. Baby Brother on the other hand, soaks everything. Everything under him, everything to the sides, and everything in front of him.
The first time the Pee Fountain shot up my first reaction was to throw my hand up to block the stream…bad idea. A stream of liquid hitting a flat surface causes the liquid to go everywhere. Everywhere.
Not only was I soaked but Baby Brother was soaked, the couch was soaked, the blanket was soaked, the new diaper was soaked. Everything was soaked. Not a fun experience…
This commercial is a perfect depiction of what happened…

Hahaha, cracks me up! Even more now that I have experienced it! Well, maybe my experience wasn’t exactly like that but in the moment it felt like it!
Other than Spit Up Battles and Pee Fountains, we have been enjoying every second of Baby Brother. Big Sister has been a wonderful help and is very fascinated by everything baby. She thinks “him so toot!”

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