That’s right, we are potty training in this house! We started on Saturday and now, 5 days later, we are going crazy strong!
Elizabeth has been dubbed the Potty Training Queen and has had a total of ZERO accidents! She even did a…huhmm…*Poo*….huhmm…all on her own!
The most heard phase in our house is “Mama, Daddee, Peeeee!” followed by lots of clapping, cheering, and dancing.
We have found that the more excited about the act we are, the more excited she is to do it. Sure, we look silly but I will look silly if it means no more diapers! I am sad that my little baby is becoming a big kid but at the same time it is exciting!
Diapers have been such a big part of our life for the last 2+ years that it will be weird to get away from them for a little while.
As of right now, Elizabeth is down to only wearing diapers to bed and when we go out. That will be another step for another day, or week. I prefer to take it slow.
So, here’s to Sans-Pants, Potty Training Queen Elizabeth!

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