Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Did the Easter Bunny visit your home?
This year we had so much fun building the anticipation of the a visit from the Easter Bunny. After all, at almost 3, it is really hard to get excited about something that you cannot see and have no idea of what to expect.
At first, Elizabeth was having a hard time believing that a Bunny was coming to hide all the eggs that we had colored. The idea really took hold when we received a (pretend) call from the Easter Bunny asking Daddy to help him hide the eggs.
The look on her face when the phone rang was priceless. She was more than willing to wait and not peak while Daddy hid the eggs.
Once the eggs were scattered around the yard and the blinds opened, she was eager to burst through the door.
Every egg that was placed in her basket was done so with a giggle. Here are some fun pictures from her hunt!



I cannot believe how big my little girl is getting compared to last year’s Easter. I love watching her grow!
This year, while getting ready to color eggs, I ran into not having anything to place the wet, freshly dyed eggs on. After digging through my cupboards and closets for a solution, I found unused ice trays. I though “why not?!?” and turned them upside down!
So here is a tip for next year, use upside down ice trays to dry your eggs!

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