Enfamil: A Gift for Breastfeeding Moms….Um?

IMGP8631“Congratulation on your decision to breastfeed!”
…Here’s a can of formula!
…Here’s a bunch of coupons for formula!
…Here’s all the information you will need for feeding formula!
…Here’s is why formula is GREAT!
Now, I want to be very clear, I do not have anything against formula. It is a very useful invention that has saved the lives of many babies whose mother’s could not breastfeed and is a necessity in infant adoption. What I do have a problem with is the way formula is shoved in your face.

This little group of goodies was in the bag labeled “A gift for breastfeeding Moms”that was given to me by the hospital after Baby Brother was born.
When I first saw that little phrase I thought, “yeah! there has to be something good in here!” Imagine my surprise when I opened a bag of formula feeding related stuff. The only thing breastfeeding related was a booklet on how important it was for breastfeeding mothers to take a whole slew of supplements to ensure that their milk measured up. Last time I checked, breast milk was perfect as long as Mom had good nutritional habits…
The other semi-breastfeeding related stuff in the bag was a rebate form for a breast pump and storage bottles. Now, we are getting somewhere but still far from promoting breastfeeding!
If I could tailor a gift for breastfeeding Moms, I would put things useful for a breastfeeding Mom.
How about some breast pads? Everyone knows new boobs leak when the milk comes! Even my experienced nursing breasts leaked enough for a short use of breast pads.
How about some lanolin? Teaching a newborn to latch is painful on the nipples!
How about a water bottle? Is that too much to ask for? A water bottle to keep the breastfeeding Mom hydrated.
The last thing that an tired, sore, learning to breastfeed, hormonal Mom needs is formula shoved in her face! You know what Enfamil said to me with that “gift for breastfeeding moms”?
The message was loud and clear…
“Yay! You’re going to breastfeed! But because we know how vulnerable you are right now, how difficult it is to get started breastfeeding, and how extremely tired you are going to be in the beginning we are offering you a way out, a solution to all your discomforts. After all, formula is so easy and the last thing you need is to waste your time and energy try to do something that is a thing of the past.”
Okay, so that may be a exaggeration. But I find shoving formula in the face of the new Mom insulting. And then to label it “a gift for breastfeeding Moms”!?! That is horrible! What a way to disrespect a decision to breastfeed.
I am disappointed in Enfamil’s advertising and product promotion and I am disappointed in my hospital for going along.

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