In the Belly! Week 40 & He’s Here!

We have a new arrival!
This week we hit 40 weeks and welcomed Baby Brother!
At 6:30pm on May 16th my water broke suddenly. My husband was at the store and after weeks of waiting I was a little in shock. I called the husband, he dropped his items and left the store. We grabbed everything, packed up Big Sister and headed for the hospital.
Contractions started immediately after my water broke. After 9 hour, 45 minutes of labor, at 4:12am, May 17th, Baby Brother Grayson entered the world. I had the perfect, peaceful and natural labor and delivery that I wanted.
Baby Brother measured in at 7 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long. He is perfect, beautiful and such a happy baby. He took instantly to breastfeeding and has been nursing around the clock.
We are all living in a daze right now. A combination of sleep deprivation and bliss with the arrival of our new baby.

Big Sister is especially excited. She says, “we baby so toot!”
And cute he is…
We are so happy to have Baby Brother here! He is a quiet, calm baby and we all cannot stop staring at him. We are in love!

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