Shortly after we brought Baby Brother home, we needed a few things from the store. Being that I had just given birth, I was in no shape to co gallivanting through the isles of a store. And being the frugal woman I am, I couldn’t just let my husband run out and pay retail for things I knew we could get for a much cheaper price.
Thankfully, the Husband is supportive of couponing and was willing to do a shopping trip not only with coupons, but a price match, double coupon shopping trip.
I set him up with all the coupons, and told him how to do the doubles. He went into the store with his fifteen coupons and came out with everything on the list plus a bottle of wine. He did great with a 42% savings. It would have been closer to 50% if he had not bought the wine.
Now I know that if I am ever unable to go to the store, we will still pay less than retail price for our groceries because my husband is a couponer!

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