One shift I made when I started couponing was to shop more often. I used to do one giant shopping trip per month, spending a couple hundred dollars on food that I would have to then buy again exactly one month later. Also, cramming everything into one long, drawn out trip left things forgotten. Meals were missing components and we would have to run to the store again to get the stuff we forgot.
Couponing means I purchase pantry staples at low prices and then make my meals around what is in my pantry.
I want to share what I purchase during the week to give an idea of how I shop with my coupons. I shop anywhere from 1-5 times per week, depending on what I am purchasing.
Here are last weeks purchases…

Walmart, Retail: $20.41 Paid: $9.20


Albertsons, Retail: $126.21 Paid: $36.18


Albertsons, Retail: $49.40, Paid: $8.44


Walgreen, Retail: $67.52 Paid: $22.28

As you can see, my weekly shopping is not the same as a typical family would do. I purchase more items at lower price and add them to my supply of stuff to care for my family.
Cooking this way has taught me to be more creative with meals and to think outside of the box. Another great thing about always having a supply of food and other items is that I do not have to worry if I am not able to shop for some reason.

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