One of the many things that keeps my life busy is my new hobby. I started couponing last summer and have got the task down to a semi-perfected (there is always room for improvement!) art.
couponI love a challenge and have set a plan to spend a total of $1800 on groceries and personal items for the entire year.
This is a big deal to me, because in the past I never set a budget for groceries. I just bought what was needed, when it was needed, and at whatever price I had to pay for it. In the end, I felt like we were always out of something and, because I didn’t track the spending, I am sure we were spending a lot of money.
Since couponing, not only am I more aware of what I am buying and how much I am paying for items but I have become better at managing our finances.
Since, as the title of this suggests, I blog about the happenings of my life. Couponing is a part it. So, in addition to sharing about my family, I will be sharing about things coupon related.
Don’t worry, this will not be an overwhelming “coupon blog” with tons of posts about the latest “hot deal.” What I want to do is share how I coupon and what I do with the stuff I purchase. I want to feed my family on as little as possible but I refuse to sacrifice our health so I try to coupon for the best stuff  I can. I won’t lie, there is the occasional “bad purchase” of not so great food but even the healthiest non-couponer is known to get a package of Oreos once in awhile.
So, look for posts in Coupons and Recipes that will highlight my couponing adventures!

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